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Donald Trump’s cabinet options starting to emerge News,Politics

By: Hunter Crowther A week after winning the United States presidential election, selections are being made and names are being floated for Donald Trump‘s cabinet. Trump’s transition team, led by vice president-elect Mike Pence, is sorting through lists of people both in and out of politics, swiftly deciding on will work under the president-elect once

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How does voting in the U.S. presidential election work? News,Politics,US Election 2016

By: Hunter Crowther Most Canadians are well aware the United States presidential election takes place tomorrow, and Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton and Republican candidate Donald Trump are trading blows one last time before the polls close. How much do Canadians know about how the U.S. voting process works? Canadians are accustomed to the first-past-the-post system, where representatives of ridings

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Obama pushes for unity in inauguration speech News,Politics

By Amber Daugherty President Barack Obama, the 44th president of the United States, was inaugurated to his second and final term today. The recitation of the oath of office was followed by a speech that targeted issues such as healthcare, gay and lesbian rights, and the economy. He highlighted the importance of the country coming

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