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Police and cannabis community in legal limbo over robberies News

Toronto marijuana advocates are working with police to find common ground in efforts to make Toronto pot dispensary employees more confident in dialing 911 if robbed.

Michael McLellan, a spokesperson for the Toronto Dispensary Coalition, said that raids by the police paint dispensaries as “easy targets for robberies” as owners and operators are often hesitant to call police out of fear of being raided by the feds.

McLellan said in a news release that a more affective approach would be for the police to “work collaboratively” with the city’s dispensaries.

An employee of Toronto’s Queens of Cannabis medical marijuana dispensary, also blames these “violent” police raids for the string of robberies carried out over the last seven months.

Shootings in Toronto on the rise, statistics show News

Three shootings, one fatal, have been reported near Humber College this week alone. Toronto Police Services, in a news release, said one of the shootings that occurred earlier this week resulted in one fatality. The shooting happened Tuesday night on Albion Road and Silverstone Drive, 2.5 kilometers from Humber’s North campus. Police said that a vehicle pulled

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