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Ottawa shootings: Fears of backlash on Muslim community News

Canadian Muslims are speaking out after the shootings in Ottawa that left the world reeling.

“We must reiterate that nothing can justify such atrocious actions and our message to anyone who espouses, endorses, or in any way supports ideologies of violence is that your actions are based on gross perversions of the Islamic faith,” said Ihsaan Gardee, executive director of the National Council of Canadian Muslims in a news release on Wednesday.

Wynne has busy schedule ahead of Feb.19 deadline News,Politics

By Amber Daugherty Time is already ticking for Kathleen Wynne, Ontario’s new premier-designate. With Saturday’s celebration behind her, Wynne has already rolled up her sleeves as she begins working to accomplish everything needed in the next three weeks. Boxes to be checked off her to-do list before ending the prorogation of Parliament on Feb. 19

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