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Scam Season: Tips on how to avoid losing everything Business,Crime,News

After a Toronto widow Lost $450,000 to a fake lover online, police are urging people to be more cautious of unknown numbers and addresses. Odds are many readers have an inbox full of e-mails from sketchy addresses asking them to click a link. Learn how to spot scams before they have the chance to ruin your life.

Internet invaders put journalism in danger, Nigerian journalist says International,News

The rise in untrained writers on the web has inspired local and foreign reporters to talk about the future of journalism. [View the story “Internet invaders put journalism in danger, Nigerian journalist says ” on Storify]

New study finds teens are posting suggestive images online Life

#InstaFame, a recent study conducted by Centennial College, revealed that many teens are posting images online in order to lure more followers.

“Young adults and teenagers are using social media to brand themselves online in order to become famous,” said Kayla McNally, co-author of the #InstaFame research project.

Extending bar hours will boost economy, website says News

By Frank Boateng Would extending the time for serving alcohol in local bars, restaurants and nightclubs be beneficial for the city? One man says it will. Torontonian, Jeff Tchadjeu, of the Last Call T.O petition website, an initiative for the government to extend serving of alcohol from the current 2 a.m. last call hour to 4 a.m.,

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