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North Korea threatens U.S. with missiles on east coast News

By Brandon Humber Following threats of a nuclear attack against the United States, North Korea has moved missiles with considerable range to the country’s east coast. The U.S. has deployed its missile defense shield to its protectorate island of Guam from Kim Jong-un, the third generation of North Korea’s Kim family rulers, who seems bent

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North Korea leader vows “sea of fire” on border island News,Uncategorized

By Graeme McNaughton Amid growing tensions in the Korean Peninsula, North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un has threatened to turn the South Korean island of Baengyang into a “sea of fire.” The Korean Central News Agency, the media outlet for the North Korean government, reported Tuesday Kim visited front-line troops near the island and was “briefed

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North Korea cancels non-aggression pact with South Korea News

Compiled by Brandon Humber Tensions between North Korea and the international community are escalating following the country’s announcement Friday declaring it is cancelling its non-aggression pact with South Korea. A statement released by the North Korean state-run Committee for the Peaceful Reunification of Korea, an organization that manages relations between the two Koreas, said the

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