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NASA says asteroid will have close call with Earth Sci/Tech,Uncategorized

By Kaite Boivin An asteroid the size of a football field will closely pass by Earth this Friday, missing us by just 15 minutes. The asteroid will not collide with Earth, but researchers say it’s a close call. The asteroid 2012 DA14 will pass so closely it’ll be within the ring of weather and communications

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Wynne good for post-secondary, Humber officials say News

  By Stephen Donkers and Kaite Boivin Post-secondary education in Ontario is in good hands with new Liberal leader Kathleen Wynne, Humber College officials said Tuesday. Humber President Chris Whitaker, said the new premier-designate has always been devoted to investing in post-secondary education in Ontario. “Given her background and previous role as minister of education,

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Data Privacy Day: a look into Humber’s student’s online protection News,Sci/Tech

By Kaite Boivin and Stephen Donkers In the digital age we live in passwords are commonly the only thing keeping the rest of the world out. Be it Facebook or Twitter, online banking or Internet shopping, protection is key yet not so commonly understood. So in light of Data Privacy Day, Humber News reporter, Kaite

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