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Mustaches start growing for Movember fundraising Lifestyle,News

By: Katherine Aylesworth There may be a lot of guys with bare faces today, but it won’t stay like that for long. There start of November also brings the start of Movember, the annual month-long mustache growing event that raises money and awareness for mens health around the world. At Humber College in Toronto, after two successful

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Instagram update to increase mental health awareness Lifestyle,News

By: Katherine Aylesworth Mental health is a growing issue when it comes to social media, and Instagram is rolling out an anonymous reporting system to help address their user’s well-being. Instagram isn’t all selfies and kittens. There’s a haunting component behind the site that has its glaring disadvantages. The site can be used as an outlet to

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Humber Students Define Depression News,Uncategorized

By Sveta Soloveva A recent survey of 25,000 Ontario students has found rising rates of student anxiety, depression and suicide attempts, CBC reports. However, some Humber specialists say a lot of people don’t know the definition of depression and confuse it with stress. OUCHA president Meg Houghton said 20 Ontario colleges and universities participated in the survey.

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