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Manitoba announces paid leave for victims of domestic abuse News

By Christina McAllister Manitoba’s NDP government in its speech from the throne Monday announced it will provide paid leave for victims of domestic abuse. The annual throne speech, which is both ceremonial and functional, signals the opening of a new legislative session and outlines what the government hopes to achieve. Listed in its agenda, read by Lt.-Gov.

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Humber looks to increase defibrillators presence News

By Kerrisa Wilson Even though you may not see them, automated external defibrillators, which could save lives, are accessible around Humber. Margaret Fung, Humber’s Manager of Health and Safety told Humber News there are about 15 defibrillators on the North and Lakeshore campuses that are placed in high risk areas. “We do have a number particularly in areas

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New hotline aims to help postpartum depression sufferers Life,News

By Therese Jastrzebski A hotline for mothers who are suffering from postpartum depression and their families has been launched by the Mood Disorders Association of Manitoba. The hotline known as the “warm line,” was launched in response to the tragedy that occurred in late July, when Lisa Gibson, a mother suffering from postpartum depression, took her

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