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Purchasing age, retail taxes cloud marijuana legislature Business,News,Politics

By: Hunter Crowther A heavy federal tax on legalized marijuana will not affect the sales of cannabis manufactures in Canada, says one industry insider. However, a real threat to the industry will be if the federal government sets the minimum purchasing age higher than legal drinking age. Jordan Sinclair is the director of communications for

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Distracted walkers beware: many support ‘wexting’ ban Life,Lifestyle,News,Sci/Tech

By: Reagan McSwain Falling down stairs. Grazing strangers. Bumping into walls. Stepping into traffic. While many people commute on foot, using a handheld device is hard to resist. Walking while texting, increasingly referred to as ‘Wexting’, continues to be a leading factor in pedestrian road accidents and fatalities, and has many wondering what can be done to change

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