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Calais “Jungle” camp only a symptom of larger refugee crisis International,News

By: Ken Kellar The demolition of the refugee camp known as “the Jungle” began in the north of France today as countries throughout the European Union struggle to cope with the flood of migrants and refugees searching for security and safety. French authorities began the eviction yesterday of about 7,000 people from the makeshift camp in

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Merkel meets with North American leaders ahead of Wednesday peace talks on Ukraine International,News,Politics

Ian Burns German Chancellor Angela Merkel on Tuesday continued her efforts to end the crisis in Ukraine, but an expert on foreign affairs told Humber News her acts were an “act of desperation.” Aurel Braun, professor of international relations and political science at the University of Toronto and visiting professor of government at Harvard University, told

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Germany loans Greece 44 billion Euros News

Compiled By: Andrew Millichamp Greece will be getting a gift of $44 billion from Germany on Dec. 13. Germany’s  parliament, the Bundestag voted 473-100 with 11 abstentions on Friday in favour of the latest Greece rescue package. The Eurozone bailout is designed to keep Greece from bankruptcy. According to BBC News, finance ministers of 17

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