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Human activity is causing climate to change 170 faster than natural forces News

A mathematical equation has found that human activity is causing the earth’s climate to change 170 times faster than natural forces.
The Anthropocene equation was developed by Will Steffen, a professor at the Australian National University, and Owen Gaffney, director of international media and strategy at Stockholm Resilience Centre. The research-article was published in The Anthropocene Review on Friday.

Need for affordable food focus of weekend gathering Food,News

The need for Indigenous people to have access to healthy and affordable food will be front and center at a conference in Toronto this weekend.

4 eco-friendly ways to die International,Life,Sci/Tech

Sam Juric In response to the increasing adverse effects of climate change, more and more people are diverging from traditional burial practices. Awareness of the often toxic and harmful affects of conventional burial methods is rising. For people considering more positive options, here are a few environmentally conscious burial methods to possibly choose from.