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Purchasing age, retail taxes cloud marijuana legislature Business,News,Politics

By: Hunter Crowther A heavy federal tax on legalized marijuana will not affect the sales of cannabis manufactures in Canada, says one industry insider. However, a real threat to the industry will be if the federal government sets the minimum purchasing age higher than legal drinking age. Jordan Sinclair is the director of communications for

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CAA looking to bring awareness to marijuana-impaired driving Lifestyle,News

By: Kylie Vaillancourt The Canadian Automobile Association is looking to create an educational program to warn about marijuana-impaired driving. This after a recent poll found two-thirds of Canadians said that they’re worried about road safety once the drug is legalized. Niagara’s CAA Public Relations Coordinator Alex Pedersen said that the program aims to get the

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Supreme court weighs edible marijuana restrictions Lifestyle,News

The Supreme Court of Canada on Friday began weighing the constitutional rights of medical marijuana users, and some are saying just having the hearing is a victory of sorts.
The court is reconsidering regulations that restrict medical marijuana users to only consuming dried cannabis…