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“It can happen to you” said Amanda Todd’s mother on news of sentencing Crime,International,News

Amanda Todd’s mother Carol is feeling some relief following the sentencing of her daughter’s accused cyberbully.

Aydin Coban, 38, of the Netherlands was given 11 years in jail—the maximum sentence for his crimes—in an Amsterdam court Thursday morning on charges of the abuse of 34 young girls and five men.

“I think it was great news. It sets precedence in case history about things like cyber abuse and harassment and extortion,” said Carol Todd. “It hopefully will send a message out there that there are no boundaries against offenders or predators. That you can be caught, even if you are offending other people in different countries.”

Todd is still waiting to see a separate sentencing for Coban in Canada, in which he faces five other charges—including possession of child-porn, extortion and luring—for the cyberbullying of Amanda Todd, 15, whose suicide turned the world’s attention to online abuse.

Bullying on the national agenda after Todd death News

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