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Access to health care declines as poverty rises Life

by Jeanette Liu University of Toronto’s Dalla Lana school of public health will be holding their fifth annual health conference later this week. The student run event entitled Health, Austerity and Affluence, will create a forum for academics, field leaders and organizations to talk about how access to healthcare has been compromised by the widening

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Silent Spring marks 50 years Life

Groundbreaking environmental book still relevant 50 years later Elton Hobson and Lisa Gillan This week marks the 50th anniversary of the release of Rachel Carson’s Silent Spring; the book which is credited with kicking off the modern environmental movement. A special presentation was hosted at the University of Toronto’s Trinity College on Monday night  to

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Student’s beef with HSF gets contraception on insurance plan Life

By Briar Hopley Student’s voices have made a difference in this year’s student insurance plan. Humber Student’s Federation said the addition of contraceptives to Humber’s Flexible Insurance Plan was a direct result of  last year’s Got Beef campaign. “It’s a very positive outcome from the Got Beef, if not one of the strongest results from

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