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United Way BBQ fuels awareness Food, News

By: Natalie Dixon The aroma of cooked meat filled the air. Music filled students’ ears. As they lined up to grab their pop, students say the United Way BBQ today was a great way to raise awareness of all the various projects they do for the vulnerable. It happened at Humber College’s Lakeshore campus. Humber’s North

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Condos push farmers’ market out of Queen East neighbourhood Business, Food, News

By Sveta Soloveva James Forsythe has to close his farmer’s market near 897 Queen St. E by the end of this week. He got a notification that the space is pending for a condo development in May. Forsythe has been unable to find a new spot so far.  Forsythe’s regular customers tried unsuccessfully to find

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Humber Room menu could see change Food, Lifestyle

Humber College North Campus’ upscale-casual restaurant The Humber Room, serves up three course meals Monday to Friday and is usually filled with students. Their menu looks much like other restaurants, but according to a Cornell University study they could make more by removing the dollar sign from their menu. Humber News’ Ryan Durgy and Katie Jones found out whether the menu will be changing and how the restaurant runs.