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Giving new life to skeleton racing 2018 Olympics, Darrell, Nathaniel, News, skeleteon, Sport, Sports, Winter

Scott Savard All that stood between Nathaniel Darrell and competing in Olympics skeleton racing was money, exposure, and responsibility for a successful career. Darrell had been around extreme sports for a majority of his life, with speed and adrenaline being reason enough to capture his interest. He said working at Canada Olympic Park in Calgary

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Curling is growing in popularity among Canadians Sports

The Royal Canadian Curling Club in, Toronto, Ont., was buzzing with people as they walked in with brooms in their hands and excitement on their faces. Kevin Peckford, an insurance officer from Toronto, got ready to show his curling skills at the Curling League on Wednesday, February 14.

“I have been playing since I was eight-years-old. Ever since I have watched the sport evolve and now it has become a part of Canadian tradition,” Peckford said.