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Three U.S. Scientists win Nobel Prize for work on circadian rhythms International, News, Sci/Tech

By: Brett McGarry Whether suffering from jet lag, feeling out of sync working a night shift or hitting the afternoon wave of tiredness, people experience the workings of the internal body clock, also known as the circadian rhythm. Now three scientists from the United States, Jeffrey C. Hall, Michael Rosbash and Michael W. Young, have been awarded

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Judge grants order to keep woman declared brain dead on life support Life, News, Sci/Tech

The family of Taquisha Mckitty, 27, stood before a Brampton judge for the second time on Thursday after her attending physician issued a death certificate declaring her brain dead last week.

Ontario Superior Court Justice Lucille Shaw granted a two-week injunction that will prevent doctors from taking Mckitty off life support so she can be evaluated by another doctor.

Mystery sludge endangers fish in Brampton News, Sci/Tech

By: Adriana Di Santo An investigation by the Ministry of Environment and Climate Change is being conducted on a mysterious black sludge found in a storm drain in Brampton. Lake Ontario Waterkeeper, a provincial charity focused on keeping lake waters clean, was taking part in the Redside Dace Project at Fletcher’s Creek when they came

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