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Wynne government urged to reduce tuition costs in budget News, Politics

As the Wynne government prepares the 2013 provincial budget, student groups in Ontario are making the case for a reduction in tuition costs.
According to Statistics Canada, Ontario has the highest average undergraduate fee at $7,180, and the lowest per-student post-secondary funding at $10,390.

HSF offers free yo-yo to encourage student vote News, Politics, Uncategorized

[youtube id=”nhBpWo1XJ0c” width=”600″ height=”340″] By Jesse Thomas and Jonathan Zettel The 2013 HSF student elections kicked off this week. The election theme this year is “Get in the game,” free yo-yo’s are being offered to students who who decide to vote. Voter turnout was high last year at Humber as 21 per cent of the

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Two dead in Bangladesh as supporters of war criminals resort to violence News, Politics

Shumu Haque Two men died in Bangladesh hospitals Thursday after succumbing to injuries from attacks by Bangladesh Chhatra Shibir (Shibir), the student wing of fundamentalist political party Jamaat-e-Islami Bangladesh,  the Daily Star, a Bangladeshi newspaper reported. These  are just two in a series of attacks by Shibir since the mass protest demanding justice for war

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Bangladeshi protest grows over war crime verdict News, Politics

Shumu Haque The current verdict on a series of war crime tribunals has brought the nation together in an unprecedented politically neutral platform, Bangladeshi social activists say. “The spark of this movement was created by the common people of Bangladesh, not by any political parties,”  said Razib Mir, an assistant professor of Mass Communication and

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Senator Brazeau ousted from Conservative caucus Politics

Senator Patrick Brazeau was kicked out of the Conservative caucus after he was arrested in a domestic abuse case, CTV reported Thursday. Brazeau remains a senator  but was released from his duty in the caucus Thursday by Senator Marjory LeBreton, Canadian Press reported. CTV reported the firing comes after a long list of “controversial revelations”

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