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Canadian dollar weakness has its benefits Business, News, Politics

By Jonathan Rumley The Canadian dollar dropped below 90 cents on Thursday, its lowest value in over six years, but despite the negative attention, some analysts believe this is good news for our nation’s economy. Our depreciating dollar makes Canadian exports cheaper in foreign countries, Joseph Kraljevic, a financial analyst with Bell, told Humber News. This

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Humber News Express, Nov. 29 News, Politics

[youtube id=”1KEPjsdwIK8″ width=”620″ height=”360″] Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development Canada plans to hire private investigators to find alleged residential school abusers. Randall Hopley, a convicted child abductor, might be labelled a high risk to reoffend. A plea has been entered in a Vancouver courtroom in the “Surrey Six trial”. Ukraine has halted negotiations for a

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Snowden charge of U.S. spying during G20 sparks concern News, Politics

By Kateryna Barnes Civil liberties groups on Thursday sounded the alarm over news that the Canadian government permitted the U.S. National Security Agency to spy on foreign diplomats on Canadian soil during the 2010 Toronto G20/G8 summit. New top-secret documents obtained by the CBC were retrieved by whistleblower Edward Snowden, former NSA contractor. Snowden is

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