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Climate targets ‘unlikely’ to be met, study says News, Uncategorized

By Kelly Snider An increase of carbon dioxide pumped into the air means it is unlikely countries will meet the international reduction targets, according to a study. Glen Peters, study lead author and senior researcher at the Center for International Climate and Environmental Research, in Norway, said it is not just unlikely but “rather optimistic”

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Germany loans Greece 44 billion Euros News

Compiled By: Andrew Millichamp Greece will be getting a gift of $44 billion from Germany on Dec. 13. Germany’s  parliament, the Bundestag voted 473-100 with 11 abstentions on Friday in favour of the latest Greece rescue package. The Eurozone bailout is designed to keep Greece from bankruptcy. According to BBC News, finance ministers of 17

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Dalhousie provides pups for stress relief News, Uncategorized

By Chanelle Seguin Dalhousie University students are getting their paws on some unconventional stress relief. Gavin Jardine, vice president of student life at Dalhousie in Halifax, N.S., said a student suggested an idea for a puppy room, and the student union approved the initiative. “We haven’t even printed a single poster yet, we just put

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