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UK Parliament must vote on Brexit negotiations, court rules International, News, Politics

By: David Tuchman The English High Court on Thursday ruled that Parliament must vote on whether the UK can begin the process of breaking apart from the EU. This means the British government on its own cannot trigger formal exit negotiations with the EU (also called article 50 of the Libson treaty) without the consent

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Belgian government agrees to support Canada, EU trade deal International, News, Politics

The Belgian government reached an agreement Thursday to support the free trade deal, called CETA, between the European Union and Canada following seven years of negotiations. The Canadian government expressed its support to see a deal reached but was also quick to point out that a lot of work still needs to be done. “This is a

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Calais “Jungle” camp only a symptom of larger refugee crisis International, News

By: Ken Kellar The demolition of the refugee camp known as “the Jungle” began in the north of France today as countries throughout the European Union struggle to cope with the flood of migrants and refugees searching for security and safety. French authorities began the eviction yesterday of about 7,000 people from the makeshift camp in

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Hyakki Yagyo: Night Parade of 100 Demons Arts & Entertainment, International, News

The exhibition at Northern Contemporary gallery invites Torontonians to explore the artistic side of Halloween. A Parkdale art gallery that showcases pop art and experimental work will be celebrating Halloween this year with an exhibition of 100 demons from 25 artists. “We were looking for a sort of concept for Halloween-show that really highlights our mandate of

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Humber sees 30 percent increase in international students International, News, Politics

By: Svetlana Soloveva An increased population of international students benefits the country, Humber advisors say. Influential Liberal advisers who want Canadian population to triple by 2100, are encouraging an increase in the number of international students, Global News reports. The advisers are going to focus on top business talent and international students. Internalization is the right move

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Internet invaders put journalism in danger, Nigerian journalist says International, News

The rise in untrained writers on the web has inspired local and foreign reporters to talk about the future of journalism. [View the story “Internet invaders put journalism in danger, Nigerian journalist says ” on Storify]

Updated: Hurricane Matthew hits Haiti International, News

By: Alia Richardson and Chris Besik Hurricane Matthew made landfall in Haiti Tuesday. The National Hurricane Centre reported hurricane wind speeds at 233 km/h. CNN has reported at least three deaths from the storm. “It comes down to the issue of the degree to which infrastructure has been hardened,” said Kent Moore, a professor at

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Ahmad Khan Rahami, charged with NYC Bombing International, News

By:Chris Besik Ahmad Khan Rahami, the 28-year-old Afghan born US citizen behind Saturday’s NYC bombing, became more religious after a trip to his country of origin says U.S .media. “Most perpetrators in recent attacks have been residents or even citizens of the country they are targeting,” said Sarah Lyons-Padilla a research scientist at Stanford. The

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