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Scotland votes No, Salmond bows down International, News, Politics


By Casey Taylor A little bruised and now a man down, the union between Scotland, England and Wales remains strong. Scots took to the polls Thursday to decide whether to cut ties with its geographical brothers and forge its own future. The answer, “No”, forced Alex Salmond to resign as First Minister and leader of

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Financial shock avoided: Scottish voters say No Business, International, News, Politics

By Ari Salas Bankers everywhere sighed in relief Friday morning as markets opened to an intact United Kingdom. The uncertainty of a Scottish independence referendum had sent financial markets into a deep fear, said Pierre-Pascal Gendron. Gendron is a Professor of Economics and Program Coordinator for the Bachelor of Commerce in International Business at Humber

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Public beheadings in Australia ‘thwarted’ by counter-terrorist raids International, News

By Kate Richards The militant group ISIS has been connected to a terrorist plot to behead a random member of the public in the streets of New South Wales, Australia — and people in that country are in ‘disbelief,’ Humber News has found. Eight hundred police carried out what has been called “the largest counter-terrorism

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Scotland votes on independence International, Politics


By Casey Taylor “Should Scotland be an independent country?” That’s the question Scots are trying to answer Thursday. Voting is underway in a historic referendum that could see the dissolution of their union with the United Kingdom. Public support initially leaned towards keeping the status quo when polls first started reporting last year but soon

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