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Net neutrality takes effect in U.S. Business, International, News, Politics, Sci/Tech

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC), the U.S. regulator of radio, television, wire, satellite and cable communications, has voted to adopt statutes that will level out the playing field for Internet service providers (ISPs). All corporations and Internet users will be considered equal, meaning large ISPs will be unable to continue to pay for prioritized speed and data access. This also overturns state laws that were implemented to protect ISPs from local competition. The Internet will be considered a public service.

Merkel meets with North American leaders ahead of Wednesday peace talks on Ukraine International, News, Politics

Ian Burns German Chancellor Angela Merkel on Tuesday continued her efforts to end the crisis in Ukraine, but an expert on foreign affairs told Humber News her acts were an “act of desperation.” Aurel Braun, professor of international relations and political science at the University of Toronto and visiting professor of government at Harvard University, told

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Pope uses Hangouts to talk to children with disabilites International, News

At 10 a.m. today Pope Francis held a Google+ Hangouts session with disabled children from around the world, including Brazil, United States, India and Spain. During the video discussion, the children had a chance to tell the Pope about their disability, ask him a question and tell him what they dream of doing in the future.

Fahmy future raises questions about fate of Egyptian journalists International, Politics

By Brendan Quinn Egyptian-Canadian journalist Mohamed Fahmy could be freed “within hours” following his renouncing of his Egyptian citizenship, but the nine Egyptian journalists imprisoned with him may not get the same chance, a watchdog group said Tuesday. “We’re all very worried that once international attention goes away because the Western journalists are no longer

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Canada’s new anti-terrorism bill International, News, Politics

  By Jordan Finkelstein Prime Minister Stephen Harper has unveiled a public safety plan that will give more power to Canadian anti-terror agencies. The new legislation was unveiled in February. He made the announcement at a press conference at Bayview Hill Community Centre in Richmond Hill, Ont. The bill has been tabled, but once adopted it will enact two

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ISIS-affiliated group claims responsibility for Libya hotel attack International, News

Ian Burns A group affiliated with the militant group ISIS claimed responsibility Tuesday for an attack on a popular luxury hotel in Libya’s capital of Tripoli. Gunmen stormed the Corinthia Hotel and killed three security guards and five foreigners, according to Libyan officials. A car bomb was also detonated during the attack. An unidentified hotel

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