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IGNITE Elections see modest growth in voter turnout IGNITE, News, Politics

By: Elliott Williams Despite weeks of campaigning and exposure, the Humber IGNITE elections was marred with a low voter turnout. Only 7,059 of Humber students voted in the election, that is 23.46 per cent of the eligible full time students. “We have to focus on reaching out [to] students,” IGNITE’s newly elected President, Maja Jocson, told

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IGNITE welcomes Kaitlyn Bristowe, Arlene Dickinson for International Women’s Day IGNITE, Life

Women work hard. Really hard. Which is why it’s important to empower and raise them up as often as possible – and not just on International Women’s Day.

IGNITE held an event Thursday to celebrate women and invited former Bachelor contestant and Bachelorette lead Kaitlyn Bristowe to speak.

She shared what her experience on the show was like, warning the crowd that it’s not what it’s cracked up to be.

“I know it seems glorious to date a bunch of guys on T.V. and wear these beautiful dresses, but it was really stressful. By the end of the show, I lost chunks of hair from stress,” she said. “No friends, no family, no phone. You can’t talk to anybody.”