Brampton house fire leaves neighbourhood shaken News

By: Elliott Williams

A house fire in Brampton left a neighbourhood shaken.


Fatal House Fire
Fatal House Fire

A house fire in a Brampton neighbourhood left three family members dead and one in critical condition.

Fatal House Fire

Neighbours Julie Bowen (left) and Nicole Bell were shocked to wake up and see the aftermath of the fire.

A friend of one of the victims told reporters that she went to Guelph-Humber.

Councillor Pat Fortini said that there are 30,000 basement apartments in Brampton, many of them unregistered, making it difficult to check for safety regulations.

Brampton City Councillor Pat Fortini says that the city doesn’t have the authority to prevent accidents like this due to the nature of bylaws.

Police set up a large perimeter around the scene of the house fire.

Reporters and police filled the area just outside the perimeter.

A firefighter at the scene of the blaze.

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