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HSF by-elections going unnoticed HSF Elections 2015, News, Politics, Uncategorized

With just six months moved from one of the biggest controversies in HSF history, the Humber Students Federation is looking forward, not behind by holding a by-election.

Aga Khan Museum officially opens Arts & Entertainment, Lifestyle, Uncategorized

By Aabida Dhanji The Aga Khan Museum opened its doors to the public on Thursday in Toronto. The Aga Khan, the spiritual leader of the world’s Ismaili Muslim community, officially opened the museum last Friday. He was joined by various members of Parliament and Ismaili representatives from around the world. The museum is grouped in

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Public beheadings in Australia ‘thwarted’ by counter-terrorist raids International, News

By Kate Richards The militant group ISIS has been connected to a terrorist plot to behead a random member of the public in the streets of New South Wales, Australia — and people in that country are in ‘disbelief,’ Humber News has found. Eight hundred police carried out what has been called “the largest counter-terrorism

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