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Humber HRT program celebrates new modern, collaborative space Lifestyle, News

By: Sveta Soloveva and Lia Richardson Humber’s School of Hospitality Recreation & Tourism served drinks and snacks while staff and students were taking a tour through the program’s new modern space. Acting associate dean Denise Gardner and chef Leonhard Lechner took Humber News around their new facilities at the college’s North campus and described how they

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Tattoo showcases Toronto artists at Parkdale gallery Life, Lifestyle, News, Uncategorized

By: Sveta Soloveva Tattoo artists usually have many paintings in their portfolio, but hardly anyone seems to see them unless they’re checking their Instagram accounts, said Emily May Rose, a Toronto-based illustrator and curator of a new exhibition in the city’s west end . She approached her 12 favourite tattoo artists in the city and displayed at the Northern

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Humber Room needs more diners to help students learn Food, Life, Lifestyle

By: Sveta Soloveva Culinary and hospitality students need more hands-on experience at The Humber Room, but that can only happen if enough people dine there, faculty members told Humber News this week. The Humber Room is the main space for students in Culinary Management and Hospitality programs to practice their fine dining service skills. However,

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Torontonians waiting for ‘the world’s best tuque’ Lifestyle, News

By: Sveta Soloveva Its designers call it ‘the best tuque in the world’ and it might live up to its name. Consumers have bought 200 of the simple but durable tuques online at $200 a piece, sending Frontier back into production to meet the growing demand. Taka Berkes of Frontier says people love their black tuques because they

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Construction boom in Toronto: pros and cons News

By: Sveta Soloveva While most Torontonians say they are unhappy with ongoing construction downtown, some engineers say it is great opportunity for the city’s development. A majority of Torontonians say continuous construction makes it inconvenient and difficult to get around, Toronto Star reports Monday. Forum Research released a telephone survey that shows almost half of

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Go green and spend less this Halloween News

By: Sveta Soloveva Some Torontonians say they agree getting a costume for Halloween can be economically and environmentally wasteful. They share their ideas of the spooky looks that celebrate the event and respect the environment. [View the story “Go green and spend less this Halloween ” on Storify]

Hyakki Yagyo: Night Parade of 100 Demons Arts & Entertainment, International, News

The exhibition at Northern Contemporary gallery invites Torontonians to explore the artistic side of Halloween. A Parkdale art gallery that showcases pop art and experimental work will be celebrating Halloween this year with an exhibition of 100 demons from 25 artists. “We were looking for a sort of concept for Halloween-show that really highlights our mandate of

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Humber sees 30 percent increase in international students International, News, Politics

By: Svetlana Soloveva An increased population of international students benefits the country, Humber advisors say. Influential Liberal advisers who want Canadian population to triple by 2100, are encouraging an increase in the number of international students, Global News reports. The advisers are going to focus on top business talent and international students. Internalization is the right move

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