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Financial shock avoided: Scottish voters say No Business, International, News, Politics

By Ari Salas Bankers everywhere sighed in relief Friday morning as markets opened to an intact United Kingdom. The uncertainty of a Scottish independence referendum had sent financial markets into a deep fear, said Pierre-Pascal Gendron. Gendron is a Professor of Economics and Program Coordinator for the Bachelor of Commerce in International Business at Humber

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Ford’s cancer: What is Pleomorphic Liposarcoma? Features, Life, News, Politics

By Ari Salas Toronto Mayor Rob Ford has been publicly diagnosed with Pleomorphic Liposarcoma, a rare type of cancer. What does Pleomorphic Liposarcoma actually mean? Sarcoma means the cancerous tumor is growing in bone, fat and muscle tissue. Liposarcomas come from fat cells. Only one per-cent of all cancers fall into the sarcoma category, reported The Toronto

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