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RIDE program launches for 2016 holiday season News

By: Reagan McSwain Humber Colleges North campus hosted police officers from across Ontario to launch an annual holiday RIDE Program, Thursday. “Humber has been hosting the event for a little more than 10 years now. The RIDE program actually started in Etobicoke so it’s only fitting that we continue to host it here,” said Humber

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Gray Jay declared Canada’s national bird in survey by magazine Life

By: Reagan McSwain After two years and almost 50,000 votes the Canadian Geographic National Bird Project has announced Canada’s new national emblem. Prepare to meet the Gray Jay. Out of more than 450 bird species across the country, Canada has never had a national bird. “We have our national mammal – the beaver, we have our national

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Remebrance Day: Remembering our veterans Life

By: Reagan McSwain November 11 marks a day of remembrance. It is a time to reflect on the rights and freedoms we have but can so easily take for granted. The freedom to do this only became possible with the selfless sacrifices of entire generations before us. In remembering our Veterans today, remember them all. Listen

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Body recovered, car pulled from Lake Ontario News, Uncategorized

By: Reagan McSwain Toronto police on Friday recovered a body from the Toronto Harbour after a car crashed through a guardrail on Thursday. Because of visibility factors – both darkness and depth of the water – the search for the car and recovery of the body had been on hold until first thing Friday morning. The body was recovered by divers around 9:30 a.m.

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Distracted walkers beware: many support ‘wexting’ ban Life, Lifestyle, News, Sci/Tech

By: Reagan McSwain Falling down stairs. Grazing strangers. Bumping into walls. Stepping into traffic. While many people commute on foot, using a handheld device is hard to resist. Walking while texting, increasingly referred to as ‘Wexting’, continues to be a leading factor in pedestrian road accidents and fatalities, and has many wondering what can be done to change

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Need for affordable food focus of weekend gathering Food, News

The need for Indigenous people to have access to healthy and affordable food will be front and center at a conference in Toronto this weekend.