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Montreal set to begin sewage dumping into the St. Lawrence News, Uncategorized


By: Charlotte Morritt-Jacobs Montreal Mayor Denis Coderre told a news conference on Tuesday that 24 dumping sites will begin to empty waste water into the St. Lawrence Wednesday morning at 12:01 a.m. On Monday, Environment Minister Catherine McKenna said Montreal’s city could proceed with the dump as long as it implemented several risk-mitigating measures to

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High suicide rates for Canadian men in their 50s, new report finds Life

By: Charlotte Morritt-Jacobs Financial concerns and a culture of silence create a complex relationship between middle-aged men and mental health, says a new report.  As a result, researchers across North America are turning their attention to the largest demographic of those who take their own lives – men in their 50s. Why has the rate of suicide

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UPDATE – Canadian anti-Muslim Facebook page – Reporting Hate Speech on Social Media News

Charlotte Morritt-Jacobs In an ongoing exclusive story, Humber News has confirmed that the page of a Canadian anti-Muslim group called the Worldwide Coalition Against Islam (WCAI) was removed this weekend after numerous Facebook users reported it as harmful for promoting violence and provoking hate speech. On September 20, the WCAI posted an article on Facebook

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Pharmaceutical CEO defends price increase on life-saving drug Life

  By Charlotte Morritt-Jacobs   Martin Shkreli will be on ABC Nightly News on Tuesday to defend his position and announce some adjustments to the price hike of life saving drug, Daraprim. At 32 years old, Shkreli is both a pharmaceutical giant and one of the most hated individuals on social media. The cost of

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