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Japan rocked with aftershocks after quake off Fukushima coast International, News

By: Chris Besik Japan is still being affected by aftershocks after Fukushima was rocked by a 7.4 magnitude earthquake. And the events there are a reminder of the power of seismic activity, an expert told Humber News on Tuesday. According to the Japanese Meteorologists Agency tsunami warnings that had been issued Tuesday morning have been lifted, but people are being cautioned to

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Exclusive: Mitch Stark interviews CBC’s Diana Swain News

By: Mitch Stark, Erian Amor De Los Reyes, Chris Besik First year journalism student Mitch Stark sat down with the host of CBC Newsworld’s The Investigators,Diana Swain. They discussed personal journalism experiences and the changing landscape of journalism. Stark took a school assignment to interview a working journalist and produced well-structured interviews with major players

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New Zealand quakes: Canada’s fault lines International, News, Uncategorized

By: Chris Besik As New Zealand recovers from a cluster of powerful earthquakes and after-shocks, earthquake experts in Canada say this country could be rocked by similar quakes on our West Coast. “People in Vancouver have chosen to live there, so they’re going to get an earthquake every 100 years or so and in California the same,”

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2016 U.S. Election: Headaches, hassles reported News, Politics, Uncategorized

By: Chris Besik All across the United States people are on  alert for voting irregularities and Humber News reporters covering the election in Buffalo discovered problems at two polling stations leading to some frustration for voters. Humber News spoke to a woman outside of a Erie county polling station,who expressed concern about issues with polling

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2016 U.S. Election: Armed citizens spotted in some places ahead of vote News, Politics, Uncategorized

By: Chris Besik Armed citizens can be spotted in certain communities across the U.S. [View the story “Trump Militia 2016” on Storify]

Rookie journalism student scores interview with veteran reporter News

By: Mitch Stark, Erian Amor De Los Reyes, Chris Besik Mitch Stark, a first-year Humber College journalism student, sat down with veteran CBC reporter Adrienne Arsenault to discuss her experiences in her career and the way journalism has progressed over the years. They discussed multiple topics including disabilities and their relation to reporting on various news platforms.

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Super Park to be made in Toronto News, Uncategorized

By: Allyyssa Sousa-Kirpaul and Chris Besik The City of Toronto is in the progress of making a huge park in the Don River Valley area. The project will connect the Evergreen Brick works site to the Don River Valley Park, creating a corridor of forested area. Evergreen is a not-for-profit organization that has worked hard for close to

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Woodstock nurse facing 8 first degree murder charges News

By: Chris Besik An Ontario registered nurse is being charged with first degree murder in connection with deaths at Woodstock and London nursing homes. “Last evening, 49 year old Elizabeth Tracy Mae Wettlaufer was arrested and charged with 8 counts of first degree murder,” said Woodstock police Chief William Renton during a press conference on Tuesday.

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Humber’s strategic plan making progress News

  By: Alana MacLeod and Chris Besik A strategic plan to cultivate entrepreneurial skills in students is on going at Humber College. Faculty met today to highlight goals already reached and discuss the future of the project. Laurie Rancourt, Senior Vice President Academic, said the plan is meant to “spark creativity in students.” The plan is

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