5 Things to Check Out This Reading Week Arts & Entertainment, Food, Life, Lifestyle

By: Linda Huynh

Reading week is the time to catch up on the studies and gather the books for upcoming midterms and exams. But for many, it’s a time to relax, see loved ones, catch up on social lives and maybe have a few drinks. Check out a few different events Toronto is hosting from February 20-27 that branch off from the something a little more unique then you average diner or movie.

All links to each event can be found below.

  1. http://www.todocanada.ca/city/toronto/event/family-day-fun-portraits/
  2.  http://nowayoutescaperoom.com/index.php/rooms/13sedahave/
  3. http://winterstations.com/
  4. http://torontoforeveryone.com/amazement
  5. http://torontoforeveryone.com/bargain-bash
  6. http://torontoforeveryone.com/community-hub
  7. http://torontoforeveryone.com/edlives1

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